Life-deciding 10th Board Exams from tomorrow

10th Board Exams is one of the most important life-altering moments in a student’s life. Clearing this exam in first appearance will certainly give a sense of wonderful accomplishment and clear the young minds towards the path they have to steer their ship.

In Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, from tomorrow (13.3.2019) 9,59,618 students (nine lakhs fifty nine thousand six hundred and eighteen ) will appear for their life-deciding 10th public examinations. We learned that except Tamil and English exams all the other subject-papers will start at morning 10 a.m. and end at 12.45 p.m. Above mentioned language papers will be held between  2 p.m. and 4.45 p.m.

Students from 12,546 schools in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry will write while 38, 176 candidates will write it individually. There are 3,731 exam centres that will be supervised by 49,000 teachers who will invigilate the halls while 5,500 Flying Squad will visit the halls suddenly.

Another surprising data is 152 prisoners in Vellore, Salem, Coimbatore, Madurai, Pallayamkottai, Trichy, Cuddalore and Pulal will appear for the exams.

Students are prohibited from bringing cell-phones inside the hall centers while invigilators are restricted from bringing inside the exam hall. If anyone is found to be in violation of the protocols, the violators will be penalized as per the rules.

If the public or the students appearing for the examinations have any opinions or objections/grievances they can contact these numbers  9385494105, 9385494115, 9385494120, 9385494125 from morning 8 am to evening 8 pm.

The Government has taken measures to ensure that the students get well- ventilated rooms, drinking-water facility, well-lit rooms and proper sanitation and restroom facility.

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