ELCE promotes awareness about Day Care Laparoscopic Surgery

ELCE Clinics & Hospitals Pvt.Ltd organised a press conference recently about the Day Care Laparoscopic Surgery for women to create awareness about the surgery among women in view of the upcoming International Women’s Day.

The press conference was arranged in the 2nd Floor of the Nandha Hospital complex.

Dr.P.S.Rajan, Chairman, Dr. Vidhya Rajan, MD, Dr.Kandaswamy, Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon & Therapeutic Endoscopist, Dr.M.Karthik, Consultant General Surgeon and Dr.Rushin Kadeeja, Consultant Gynecologist, ELCE Clinics & Hospitals addressed the press.

Dr.P.S.Rajan, Chairman while addressing said women need not be afraid of undergoing consultation or surgery for their gender-specific health issues.
“Women are usually afraid of undergoing surgery because they think it will require them to stay in bed and take longer days of bed rest.” He highlighted that at ELCE, they perform laparoscopic surgeries with perfection and make the patient return home in a day.

He mentioned women mostly fear when they meet issues in the uterus side, when their menstrual cycle is affected for long time and sudden pain in the lower stomat region.

Delaying a consultation could increase the risk of diagnosing the health issue. “While fibroid tumors are not lethal, if the tumor is near the ovaries, it could turn into cancer he warned.

He and his team explained the various health procedures done for women at ELCE and stated that this month, in connection with International Women’s Day Celebrations, ELCE is offering free consultation for women and special packages for the treatment.

Dr.Vidhya Rajan said ELCE wants women to come out of their fears and consult if they have experienced pain in the stomach and lowet regions and even if they have any worries about their body.

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